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Design of information system plans for Financial, Banking and Insurance Companies, Publishing companies, Service and Manufacturing companies

Base Camp - International Deal Pipeline Management

Tool for managing cooperation on cross-border corporate banking deals (Salesforce /


Robotic process automation


Through the use of software robots (in Python) we enabled the automation of synchronization of conditions in a Bank. Result of the project saw a 30 FTE reduction with the cost of one FTE delivering better control / compliance and time to market


Among the different solutions we have developed with Illogic, we wish to mention:

Platform that enables the creation of a new store model (Flash pop up retail or services) through which the customer can interact with all the products, present and not present, easily access the details of them and buy the items

Training solution based on simulation technologies in immersive virtual reality with verbal and non-verbal interaction between the Teacher Avatar and the Trainees (Smart machines). Decision trees allow the monitoring of trainees’ progress step by step. It’s a real monitored and interactive learning by doing (role play)


DATA WEB HARVESTING Open source intelligence


Web harvesting enables you to capture and monitor large heterogeneous structured and/or unstructured data sets from the Web or from other sources.

The application (integration of Google Custom Search, Open Calais by Thomson Reuter, Apache Solvr, Apache Nutch) was created using open source software and applied in the banking industry for the identification of foreign subsidiaries of Italian Corporate Groups to turn new prospects into clients through intra-group client companies referral. Result: + 63% of subsidiary identified through the platform.


Platform that provides analysis tools for the calculation of financial ratings, in particular Prospective Rating, Basel III Rating and Companies Group Rating.

In order to support prospective rating calculation, we developed sophisticated models able, through Big Data, of analysing more than 100 different variables (developed using Knime for the machine learning module and Java for the web application).

Platform that provides tools for the analysis of financial risk and to support better investment decisions. It is based on stochastic-financial modeling and on artificial intelligence and it uses cloud technologies and high performance computing (implemented in / SqlServer, calculation based on “R” environment).


  • single companies: for the evaluation of financial investments, also related to its risk profile and to the need for liquidity
  • financial consulting companies: to improve analysis and evaluations and increase the level of service delivered to customers
  • consortia, cooperatives and trust companies: for the proper evaluation of their investment activities or to deliver (just only generalist type) financial advisory services to associates companies
  • banks and small and medium-sized insurance: to evaluate its investments and the products offered or to offer to their customers, also to assess customers based on their profile adequacy (MiFID legislation and ISVAP)
  • public administration entities: to guide their investment decisions on the basis of their risk profile
  • private users: to offer greater awareness for decision making issues

The most common application of machine learning tools is related to the ability to make predictions like:

  • personal recommendations for clients
  • customer loyalty by term forecasting
  • customer loyalty by term forecasting

We developed a platform for a forecast model in the school publishing industry providing the estimation of sales based on available historical data. The solution is used both for prevision purposes and for identifying of atypical trends in dynamics sales




Development of an Execution Only Web Procedure, Prototypes for Digital Production and for Data Analysis

Prototype platform for managing the ”digital Production” through the use of a workflow management software configured and interfaced with the digital and multimedia production software (Oracle Database, J2EE environment and Python API to communicate with Maya tool)


Prototype platform for the analysis of money laundering fraud, based on statistical techniques that use semi-supervised machines (Java and Oracle Database, Machine learning module using Knime)

The first one completely web based, digital and multi device (desktop, smartphone, tablet) procedure in Execution Only for all digital and online subscription of mutual funds (HTTML5 and Python)

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