ARCHEO PARK: 3D Immersive Experience for Historical and Archeological Site

Archeo Park 3D is a AR application for the valorization of cultural heritage, particularly the archeological sites, focused on the “spectacularity” of the visiting experience through digital creative technologies (mobile, VR, contents on demand…). Visitors will immerse in a no longer existing virtual historical scenario, so they can re-live environments and details reproduced in photo-realistic quality.

The application is also equipped of a synoptic 3D map, which describes the whole historical/archeological site providing, at the same time, additional information on the venue’s attractions (notified with different styled icons) and AR layers (info-graphics) also acted to guide the visitors.

This project is oriented to take on and contribute to solve, the several issues connected to the lacking economical exploitation of cultural resources in Italy (but not only), specifically those historical/archeological.

Archeo3D can contribute to ease the following issues:

  • Problems in the perception of a cultural good for a wide public
    • limitations in wide spreading of places’ value, which are part of a community heritage;
    • problems in making the perception of the visit as an exciting and pleasant experience, over than cultural;
    • problems for the visitor in the perception of the real value of the site, which today looks just like ruins.
  • Problems in business generation:
    • the uncomfortable position of the locations, difficulties in reaching the sites;
    • limitations in communicating the real value of the site, showing what it represented in the past;
    • criticalities in promoting the venues in an attractive manner, with a modern language;
    • difficulties to individuate the best visit path: which parts are undervalued, how the trip can be integrated, etc.
  • Economic issues in business model:
    • an inadequate number of visitors to ensure the economical sustainability through the entrance tickets, or a too low tickets price which does not allow to support the costs by the real number of visitors.
    • scarce revenues coming from secondary activities (merchandising, publications, souvenirs, etc.)

e.Magine has already shared this project with different Public Administration Bureaus and with the managing authorities of some relevant archeological sites, gaining positive recognitions for the innovation brought both in the technological side than in the business models.

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