AR motive

Augmented Reality for Automotive

This is a technical feasibility study of a platform for Augmented Reality applications dedicated to the maintenance&repair automotive market.

The study, preliminary to industrial research and experimental development, aims to analyze the current scenario and the literature on augmented reality, referring to technologies, areas of application, state of the art and evolutionary trends, and defines a model adaptable to all areas of application related to the maintenance &repair automotive sector.

Specifically, we intend to define:

  • points of strength and weakness through the SWOT methodology of existing solutions in relation to the model
  • the competitive scenario for the most innovative technologies currently used both in the industrial and research fields
  • the suitable technological scenario for the realization of a prototype solution.

The objective of the study is therefore to understand what is the right direction in the introduction of Augmented Reality in the automotive sector, such as identify the strategic requirements for the future development of a platform able to implement Augmented Reality applications for the maintenance & repair market and to design an innovative tool which supports the related activities.

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